Where to Practice Yoga in Istanbul [1] Nefess Yoga

So, you have finally settled in this hectic city. It seemed impossible at first, but everything went more smoothly than anticipated, well, or more or less so. Now that you’ve reached a certain level of stability in your daily life, you wish to resume your yoga practice, or else give it a try for the first time to stretch your muscles after a long day of work in this overwhelming, yet charming city.

Where to start? By now, you must have learned that Istanbul is “bigger on the inside,” just as Tardis, and similarly it might get you jump over time and space.  The best way to start is to sort things out spatially. Are you on the Anatolian or European side? Let’s start with Anatolia.

“Nefes” means breath in Turkish. This yoga school located in the recent youth hub of the Anatolian side of Turkey, Moda/Kadıköy is suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. The studio has a lovely and calm ambience blending the traditional cozy and humble yoga school style with experienced, accessible instructors. You feel warm and at home with the inviting scent of an infusion or palo santo sticks welcoming you in the reception.

The studio offers you a wide range of yoga practices including, alongside with the more familiar Hatha and Vinyasa classes, Mysore style ashtanga classes with experienced instructors, Şenol Topuz and Bilge Sürmeli, among others, as well as Kundalini Yoga courses. It generally has a free yoga session once a week, and you have the chance to practice meditation by donation.

The web page is user-friendly, written in Turkish and English. http://www.nefessyoga.com/

So, if you reside in Kadıköy, or somewhere in the Anatolian side, you can join a free yoga session to give it a try. And if you like it, you can check different payment options to see the ones that suit you the best. One of the best things about being a regular in this yoga studio is to take a walk in the Moda coast by the Bosphorus, or have a brunch in one of the many nice breakfast spots in the neighborhood after the session. You can also grab a cup of fresh blend coffee in one of the numerous fine coffee shops in the area before your yoga session. Enjoy!


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